Timo Bredenberg

The Battle of Plevna (2008)

The Battle of Plevna (2008)
Duration: 08:08, loop
SD video 4:3

“we cat live in past guys…its time to have piece… there is no meaning to say each other “fuck you…” “

For The Battle of Plevna I collected videos and comments related to them about war between Turkey and Russia in 1877 from YouTube.com.

The offspring of war: bulgarians, turkish and russians argue about historical happenings and who is guilty. Fictional movies about the battle of Plevna (Pleven) are used to spread nationalistic messages. Original movies, historical events and new interpretations get mixed.

In The Battle of Plevna I examine mediated communication. What are the disadvantages and advantages of mediated communication compared to direct dialogue? How mediated space affects dialogue? What can be said when the threat of physical violence is not present?