Timo Bredenberg

 What other people wrote about my work:

“The idea is excellent – to use social and shared media sites with their endless stream of material. Bredenberg’s videos and other materials give an idea where our society stands – they tell the story of ordinary people with their impulses and stands. The shady border between contemporary culture feeds the “users” of both. More of this!”

Curator Laura Köönikkä, in Framer #02

“Pakonomaisen uuden etsimisen sijaan on usein rakentavaa asettua alttiiksi sille, mikä jo on olemassa ja keskittyä näkökulmiin. Tämän asennoitumisen myötä taide ei rajoitu itseilmaisuun tai jää kommentoimaan sisäisiä traditioitaan, vaan myös kurottuu luomaan yhteyksiä yhteiskuntaan.” Read more (in finnish)

Curator Ilari Laamanen, in 11×11 exhibition catalogue

“The result is both sarcastic and endearing as we see how effectively ultra-commercial fantasies spread around the globe and on the other hand how embarrassing, clumsy or unintentionally hilarious these fantasies are when they are done (and failed) for real.” Read more

Artist and curator Teemu Mäki, in Antidote exhibition catalogue

“You sick bastard do you realy think that you can fool the people by you hateful subtitles over the bulgarian speech. You are sick and you are bringing upon youself a great curse from God because the blood of all the christians is crying to Heaven and against you and your bllod thursty forefathers. Anatema”

User dim77make in YouTube.com


Writings by me (in finnish):

“Don’t Worry We’re from the Internet” – master thesis (PDF)

Autobotti ja ihmisen osa. Critique of exhibition Taiteilijat 2012 in Taidehalli. Read here (in finnish)

I-Usko koetuksella. Critique of exhibition I-Faith by Andrey Blokhin & Georgy Kuznetsov in Kaapeli gallery. Read here (in finnish)



Documentation of exhibition “Virtual Community” in Museo Luigi Pigorini. Watch.

Tamperelainen kuvataiteilija Timo Bredenberg: Hakkerointi on kiinnostavinta taidetta. Helsingin Sanomat Read here (in finnish)

Kuukauden mediataiteilija (Media Artist of the month): Watch here (in finnish).