Timo Bredenberg

I, Cloud (2013-2015)

I, Cloud is a slow-paced walking simulator that creates an environment for meditative drifting in a virtual landscape. The piece challenges the fast-paced interaction of mainstream video games; while floating around in the 3D-desert the player will face the clashing slogans of start-up technology companies and anarchistic web communities.

The piece has been created by adapting video game technologies and found code. During the two year development Bredenberg learned to code deficient artificial intelligences, to write corporate slogans, to model broadband routers and to generate sounds of the power lines.

Play latest version on your browser. Unity webplayer plugin required.

How to play: Use keyboard WASD keys to move, MOUSE to look and SPACE to jump.

Work presented in Media Facades Festival / Not Another Public Process – UpperLab / Virtual Community – Museo Luigi Pigorini