Timo Bredenberg

Timo Bredenberg’s (1984-) video Ghost Ride, is included in the video compilation that I guess is half of the show, as it takes an hour to look through the videos and half of the participants of the show participate only through video. Timo’s piece is a recycling of youtube-material in which all kinds of people imitate certain kind of victorious and boastful dance moves that are common in music videos: dancing on top or by the side of your vehicle / pride and joy / tank. The result is both sarcastic and endearing as we see how effectively ultra-commercial fantasies spread around the globe and on the other hand how embarrassing, clumsy or unintentionally hilarious these fantasies are when they are done (and failed) for real. The multi-channel version of the work juxtaposed the ghost riding clips with another video stream that contained web-user comments of the clips. The single channel work skips the commentary, apart from one, which serves as the epilogue text of the video: “I would have supported this war from the start if I knew fighting terrorism meant bringing ghost riding to Iraq.” (a video comment in YouTube)

Artist and curator Teemu Mäki, Antidote exhibition catalogue